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The Therapist-Client Relationship

Relationships require good chemistry! That includes the one with your therapist. In a consultation, you share a bit of your story and also envision what it is like to work with each other. If you decide you are not the right fit, that is also totally ok.


Stay Present for New Information

In treatment, you discover new things. It is helpful to the process if you journal about them or talk to your therapist. Also, as you navigate through the world, the ability to notice new emotional information is a useful skill that improves all your relationships.


Patience with the Process and Yourself

We all want to feel better quickly. But the best way for relief to last is to cultivate trust in the process. Talk with your prospective therapist upfront about expectations. And if you are having trouble believing things will get better let them know.


Honesty and Vulnerability Matter

Even when it is scary or uncomfortable, the more truthful you are with your therapist the better. From experience, I can say it is a relief to speak your truth. In fact, the pressure of holding things in is much more painful than just putting them out there.